A First (Churlish) Reaction To Prof. Morton

Professor Morton,

With all due respect,
everyone knows that
our human difficulty with life on earth
is not because we do not see
the mesh in which
we live with all of the others.

No further description of that arrangement is needed to promote your thesis.

You know,
and I know,
that the human difficulty with life on earth
arises because we do not want to see the end
of the privileges which
we, the only People,
have long taken

by force

from our kin – animal, vegetable and mineral.

What will make your newly-phrased ecological thought
more potent against our domination of the mesh
than our golden rule
which we have successfully scorned.
to our great material benefit,
for a thousand years?



One thought on “A First (Churlish) Reaction To Prof. Morton

  1. This feels so timely. How do we see past our own material benefit and what we want, here, now, in the moment, to think so much larger? A more and more pressing question.

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