Life Among Death

I went to a previously somewhat unexplored area of my site, on the outskirts I’d say. There were trees that were full of life and what seemed to be a small path that led into the water. The path was covered in dead leaves and sticks, all a dull brown color. I had the idea to make something that looked like a DNA strand (please excuse my lack of an artistic bone in my body) to connect everything in my site on the basis of DNA (also please excuse my lack of scientific knowledge, as far as I know everything contains DNA). When I found the area that seemed to be dead or dying, I thought the perfect juxtaposition would be to create the DNA strand out of fresh, green leaves to show life connected with what had previously been alive. I also chose to make it appear to head into the water, so that if the wind doesn’t destroy it, when the water level rises, that will. I really enjoyed the idea of environmental art that isn’t meant to last, and with at least two elements that will certainly effect this “art,” it definitely will not last long.


Showing the way.

I thought the idea of an arrow leading to wilderness was the perfect cap to the semester. I’ve learned how we are grounded in nature and ultimately helped me understand how it is intertwined/works with my world. Nature is the beginning of our futures, so why not let it lead the way?


A Shelter for Ants

Back in elementary school, we would build cities for bugs like this under the playground equipment. This could be many things –  a shelter for bugs, a representation of the bushes during the winter, perhaps a little city before the lake. Mostly, it’s what you make of it.

City of stones

Fun fact: as we were walking to my site, my friend and I heard a loud crack, and a little squirrel came falling out of the sky. It hit the ground with a thump and lay there. At first I thought, “I just watched a squirrel die” then it started to move one of its front paws, and I thought, “geez it must have broken its back, do I have to put it out of its misery or something? I need to call my mom.” Then all of a sudden it hopped up and we watched it scurry up a tree. Little buddy fell over thirty feet and was totally fine.

We continued on our merry way and had a fun time trying to stack rocks. New hobby maybe? Low on the artsy scale but pretty relaxing.